Butt Crack Be Gone When Lacing Up

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lace a skate

Jeans have really come into their own and I love the low waistlines that don’t suffocate our stomachs anymore, but hold that thought ladies, as I have seen more HOCKEY MOM CRACK than I need to starting with myself and ending with all the people I pass in the hockey arenas as they scramble to tie their kid’s skates! Bending, stretching and all that skate tying should not mandate thinking about what jeans we can and can not wear to the hockey rink!  Hockey Moms rejoice, you can stop tugging on those tee shirts to cover your pants, and stop pulling your jeans up over and over, stop tying your coat around your waist, or having your kids stand between your legs to offer cover over your butt while you tie your other kid’s skates because Lace-A-Skate gives you a seat to sit on and you can drape your coat over it to hide that crack!

lace a skate

Lace-A-Skate gives you a seat to sit on, collapsible chair that totes like any other camping chair but it has a foot holder in it so you don’t have to do much more than sit and tie.  Do you remember back in the day when you would go to a shoe store to get fit and they shoe person would bring the boxes and you would place your foot on the slant? Well, Lace-A-Skate is the seat with the ramp for the ice skate to sit on.

tie lace a skate

Does it work and is it heavy to carry? This chair is amazing and it is perfect for the dad that ties all the skates in the locker room before the games, he can just sit and the kids can just keep moving on down the tie line.  There is no bending and stretching the kids just kick their foot into the cut out notch for their skate and then you tie! When you are done, collapse the chair, and throw it in it’s portable sack and away you go! It is as easy as 1-2-3.

insert foot into skate lace a skate

Stop showing crack, stop standing, stop squatting, and by all means get off your knees, sit down and ties those hockey skates, ice skates and figure skates with ease! The Lace-A-Skate makes it easy!

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